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  • Home Coote Belt Grinder 2 x 48 and 2 x 72 Belt Grinder

    Heavy Duty, Precision Machined 2 x 72 & 2 x 48 Belt Grinders. Perfect for knife making and other industrial work. High quality made in the USA since 1967.

  • Accessories Coote Belt Grinder 2 x 48 and 2 x 72 Belt

    Fits all machine sizes Note: Machine tilts forward for ease of use

  • Prices Coote Belt Grinder 2 x 48 and 2 x 72 Belt

    Belt grinder prices do not include motor. No pulley included. Smooth contact wheel only available. Pulley selection now available. The machine’s design and construction lends itself to modification to suit specialty needs. Each machine size is suited for that contact wheel diameter only and is not readily adaptable to other sizes.

  • Grinder advice Grizzly vs Coote BladeForums

    Oct 18, 2006· 1) the grizzly is a direct drive and the coote is belt driven. This means that I was able to put step pulleys on the coote and have a 3 speed grinder instead of a single speed really fast grinder. It also means I got to pick the motor. My coote has a 1.5 HP TEFC high torque Dayton motor on it. Grizzlys don't.

  • coote belt grinder Tools and Tool Making Bladesmith's

    Jan 20, 2007· Coote grinders have been used by many knifemakers, I've never heard anything bad about them. Mine is a similar style. Check out Surplus Center for motors, they usually have a bunch of motors in the 1 HP range. Surplus Center. Edited August 28, 2006 by Guy Thomas

  • Coote Grinder Best

    Coote belt grinder aug . 0coote belt grinder aug. click here get latest price cd that is a nice grinder along with the others.if i cant find a grinder like mikeys i may try to make one.i have a older model baldor 10 grinder that i may try to convert one side.i dont know bout the tracking and how to tension the belt.i found a parts diagram for mikeys grinder so doing more research the

  • Setup Coote Belt Grinder 2 x 48 and 2 x 72 Belt

    About 4 hours to cut, assemble, and mount all items -- including electrical

  • coote grinder KnifeDogs Forums

    Sep 16, 2019· Current new price is listed as $540.00, and being a Coote, which is a brand that tends to hold it's value fairly well. IF all is good as far as bearings good. straight shafts, etc. $400.00 or less would be a good deal.

  • Specs Coote Belt Grinder 2 x 48 and 2 x 72 Belt

    Platen and table are removable. 5. 6”-48” is 24”

  • 3 Best Belt Sanders for Knife Making Sander Solutions

    Kalamazoo grinders. Sure-Mak grinders. Coote grinders. Grizzly brand grinders. Additionally, newer options have begun to creep into the market. Some of these include the Riverside Machine, Wayne Coe’s belt grinder, The Pheer327 grinder, and the TW90 model. These have started becoming more prevalent in the past three to five years.

  • Happybuy 2Hp Belt Grinder Variable Speed 2 X 82inch Belt

    Happybuy 2Hp Belt Grinder Variable Speed 2 X 82inch Belt Disc Sander with 3 Grinding Wheel Bench Sander 12inch Wheel and Flat Platen Tool Rest for Knife Making - Amazon Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your request. Please try

  • CRL Bench Grinder Power Straight Grinders Amazon

    This CRL Bench Grinder features a lubricated for life, shielded ball bearing motor, assuring smooth grinder performance. An enclosed capacitor starts the motor. The tool rest is adjustable for height and distance from the wheels. It has adjustable spark deflectors.

  • used coote belt grinder for sale

    coote grinder answers / Home Coote Belt Grinder 2 x 48 and 2 x 72 Belt Grinder “About a year and a half ago I needed a belt grinder for general use in my garage for metal fabrication and I decided on your 2×48 model. This weekend it occurred to me how much I have used the grinder and how well it works.

  • coote belt grinder size of pulley for motor MC Machinery

    coote belt grinder size of pulley for motor Mining . 2013/08/30 The standard size belt configuration is 2"x72 but have a drive pulley for a v-belt. "I do own a Coote 2 x 72 grinder "I do own a Coote 2 x 72 grinder Coote Belt Grinder Motor Setup

  • coote belt grinder vukanimaafrica

    coote belt grinder Tools and Tool Making 20-1-2007· coote belt grinder Sign in to follow this . Followers 4. coote belt grinder. By uhrs2, August 28, 2006 in Tools and Tool Making. Recommended Posts. and have been debating long and hard over which grinder to buy.

  • Best 2x72 Belts For Knifemaking Knife User

    Well, if the answer is. Yes, I have some good news for you. I did some research that might help you! Since I was looking for the best belts for the 2×72 belt grinder, I end up making an article about the best 2×72 belts for knife making. I regrouped all the information needed about the belts and why I picked them, so let’s dive in!.

  • Variable Speed Bench Grinder + Coote or Kalamazoo

    Feb 13, 2019· I have an idea and I’m wondering if it will work. I have access to a variable speed bench grinder (5 amp Delta). Is there any reason I couldn’t slap a pulley for a v belt on that sucker and use it to run a Coote, Kalamazoo, or a Grizzly?

  • Bolt Together 2 X 72 Belt Grinder : 12 Steps (with

    Bolt Together 2 X 72 Belt Grinder: I have been wanting a 2 x 72 belt grinder ever since I started making knives on my wimpy 4 x 36 belt sander. After looking around at some designs I figured I could probably make one myself. I had access to our scrap bin at work that often had squa...

  • Coote 2x72 KnifeDogs Forums

    Sep 14, 2009· The Coote is a good workable grinder for a moderate price. The KMG is a top of the line grinder for a little more. You will grinder better and make better knives faster if you get the KMG. If you're not planning on making many knives then I'd go based on price, but if you plan on doing much grinding the small difference in cost is worth it.

  • 2x72 suggestions Grinders, Sanders, etc I Forge Iron

    Jun 10, 2016· Hey guys, I recently was given some money for my graduation from college to go towards some much needed tools and that means I can finnaly get s 2x72 grinder. I still cant get something like a KMG, but have been so far looking at the grizzly and the coote. Does anyone have any opinion that could


    2 x 72 belt grinder ,16" wheel,tool arm ,flat platen ,tool rest ,2 hp motor ,kbac 27 variable speed will come set up for 220 volt with a 2 hp motor,nema 6-20 P plug 20 amp Price: $2,250.00 PH 454 frame

  • Belt Grinder Purchasing help Pheer Grinders

    Aug 19, 2013· The Coote is a nice grinder also. I didn't go with it because I wanted to have the ability to use more accessories. Check out all of these reviews and then think about what you may want to do.

  • Suggestions for a beginner belt grinder? Sword Forum

    Sep 24, 2004· Hey, Can anyone suggest a belt grinder suitable for beginners? Google searches mainly bring up Burr King, but those seem to be more than I'd need, not to mention more than I can afford. Ebay searches mainly come up with bench grinder to belt grinder converters, but this strikes me as

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